5 things I love to do during autumn

I feel like I need to add a disclaimer right here: I love autumn. I am much of a cold(er) weather person, rather than a summer person. I cannot stand a burning sun (it literally burns my skin) and I will always say yes to a rainy moody morning. Still enjoying sunny-not extreme weather days. But right now I’d like to tell you 5 things or activities I enjoy doing during autumn time. November is almost here, so let’s see how we can enjoy it.

1.Get some fuzzy clothes/accessories to keep you warm. 

Either a nice long blanket scarf or a turtle neck jumper, fuzzy socks or an elegant tailored coat, these can be key items to make you enjoy autumn. I can definitely relate to this, when I think of my fluffy dusted pink scarf, which always keeps me warm. There are also a lot of sales going on right now, so go make the best of it on a budget!

2. Enjoy a hot beverage.

Are you a tea person or a coffee person? Or maybe you prefer hot chocolate? I wouldn’t say no to any, but my rule is: coffee in the morning, tea in the evening. And I just got a new precious espresso machine, which I will write more about in the future (still getting to know each other), but for tea, I absolutely LOVE the ones from Yogi. They are super rich in flavour, you can choose from a lot of sorts and they also have cute messages on each tea bag. 🙂 My favourite one is Glücks Tee/Bright Mood.

3. Hydrate your skin. 

Cold weather adds its mark on our skin. If during summer I can get away without hand cream or body lotion, during colder weather, I almost make this a ritual for my skin. Look after skincare products which pamper your skin and make you happy. I realized I’m not so keen on using products which I don’t really like how they smell, for example. Recently I got the new Rituals – Ritual of Ayurveda hand balm and boy, it smells good! It has a rich texture, non-greasy, quick absorbing and it contains sweet almond oil and indian rose.

4. Take some nice pictures with autumn’s colors. 

We only get the chance to enjoy the changing color leaves for a determined period of time during an year, so why not make some memories? Take your best friend(s), lover, mother or go alone and photograph the heck out of this autumn! 🙂 You’ll enjoy looking at these over a few months.

5. Pamper your senses. 

You can make your home warmer and more hyggelig with a nice autumn scented candle. If you don’t know where to start, have a look on Yankee Candles website. They currently have a 25% off offer on 4 Autumn flavors. Convenient, huh? You’ll be pleased to spend some time home, with a nice book, under a blanket.

Feel free to share your favorite autumn happy moments below!



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