November 2017 goals

This year has passed quite fast, probably this is the trend while you are getting older… Well, while we still have 2 months left of it, I thought I’d write down a few objectives I have for this November and make hopefully tick all of them by the end of it. It’s a nice responbile way to try and make the best of our time. Without further due, here are my goals for this month*:

  • Get some writing done on this blog. I’ve had a long pause, I’ve moved countries, changed jobs, my life was a bit busy lately, but in the best way possible and I’m grateful for it. But this also meant my time was limited and my inspiration and creativity worked only on Instagram. I hope I can get back to writing here, I’ve invested so much time and effort in it along the years, I just cannot give it up.
  • Try some new recipes. I’ve never been a big cook, I know how to do a few stuff and these turn out to be pretty good. But since I’ve moved and there’s two of us eating, I am more inclined to prepare something for both of us. I’ve done a delicious Carrot Cake twice, and I decided it’s time for me to also write the recipe down on the blog.
  • Practice my latte art skills – we got a new espresso machine, which I’ve mentioned in my previous post – Rancilio Silvia. It’s a beauty and a gem and I already enjoy its coffee, but I want to practice my latte art skills more. Currently I am only doing one coffee a day (and drink it!), but I need to practice more with frothing and milk, even if I don’t actually drink the coffee. 🙂
  • Prepare for Christmas with the list of presents and start working on it. I love Christmas and offering gifts; I enjoy researching for them. I always start early, I already bought some stuff for a couple of friends, but I need to keep researching and ensure I don’t forget anyone.
  • Create a new Spotify playlist for my running sessions at the gym. I can actually already tick this one off – but I wanted to do it for so long, I had to put it down! I’m not a big fan of running, but I try to do it, to complement my weights lifting with some cardio for example. And I also believe in the “try to learn what you don’t like” mantra, so I make my running sessions a bit more pleasant with some inspiring motivating tunes (translated to dance/clubbing/dubstep tunes).


*With the possibility to extend to December as well, if needed. 🙂


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