New products in my skincare routine

In 2017 I started to read, learn and understand more about skincare and my skin’s needs. I’ve purchased quite a few stuff, but I’m mostly happy with my choices. I realized I haven’t put the new stuff in a post all together and this usually serves me very well later when I draw the line for what I enjoyed and what not so much.

With these being said, here are a few products I’ve recently purchased and have made their way into my routine, or will find their way in my routine. Don’t worry, I don’t use them all at once 🙂 Depending on my skin’s needs, I use a couple of them, rotate in case I need it to and try to stick to a pretty straight forward routine. More on that, on a future post, where I will write more detailed about my skincare routine.

First products from NIOD – Deciem

I made an order of NIOD products during Black Friday from Victoria Health. While I have used The Ordinary, NIOD are newly added in my collection. You may read more about the line here. I’ve been quite intrigued about this range, so I went ahead and got a set of 4 products, which was a pretty good deal –  Value £123, on Black Friday it was £48. It contains the following:

  • NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate (15ml), a serum to help reduce bags under eyes, dark circles around the eye contours, fine lines, wrinkles and creases around eyes as well as puffy eyes.
  • NIOD Hydration Vaccine (50ml) delivers instant and long term results with Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) to hydrate skin, prevent moisture loss and seal moisture using the latest silicone technologies.
  • NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex 2 (15ml) is the second generation of MMHC, combining 15 forms of hyaluronic compounds to visibly hydrate skin.
  • NIOD Survival 0 (30ml) help support healthy skin defences against environmental and lifestyle-related assaults. Designed for nighttime use by all skin tones. Offers no UV Protection.

And I also got the NIOD Sanskrit Saponins (180ml), which is an intense face cleaning balm unlike many cleansing face balms. Sanskrit Saponins contains natural saponins derived from Ayurvedic plants which respect the skin’s integrity whilst deep cleansing skin. Value £34, on Black Friday it was £8.

First impressions:

I was impressed with the packaging, I almost did not want to open them. 🙂 The boxes are like little drawers, in which you find the products. I tried the Hydration Vaccine and loved it. Haven’t tried the rest of them yet.

It was my third order on Victoria Health, I was (again) happy with my experience: even though it took a long time, they only charged me when they sent my package and they informed about the long delivery rates from the beginning.


Other random brands

Secret Key Rose Floral Softening Toner – this was purchased by me, due to my great skincare discovery of toners and essences in 2017. I am using it daily, together with 2 other toners and more on that on my skincare routine post coming soon. It feels like a rose water, perfumed and light, very calming and lovable.

Andalou Naturals – one of my favorite brands ever. I was lucky enough to receive the products in the picture, because somehow the universe knows I like them so much 🙂 I am daily using the toner from the same range. At the Beauty Blogger Secret Santa event, I received the serum and the travel size kit. I had the serum in the past (I even used 2 bottles of it!) and loved it. So happy it got back to me! And I received the Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask from my other Secret Santa, organized on Facebook. I had this one in the past as well and loved it. So I’m very grateful to my Santas for my new Andalou Naturals stash!

And finally, a very raved and desired product – Stratia Liquid Gold. Unfortunately, this does not seem to suit me. I think it caused some sort of reaction on my face with tiny little bumps, not red and almost invisible. It doesn’t happen to me often (it actually happened only one more time with a different product) and I still hope Stratia is not the guilty one. I will try to use it cautiously and be sure this is indeed the culprit.


It’s a great start of the year and I’ve already started to prepare my skincare routine as it’s a nice way to document it for later and I’ve received quite a few requests to do it. So stay close and if you have any feedback or suggestions, write them in the comments section below!

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  • Reply
    January 13, 2018 at 19:49

    Buna. Cum ai facut rost de Stratia Gold? 😁

    • Reply
      Diana Rosu
      January 14, 2018 at 21:03

      Buna Oana, m-am grupat cu niste prietene si am facut o comanda comuna de BF. A ajuns la posta vamala.

      • Reply
        January 17, 2018 at 22:30

        E bine ca ai avut cu cine da o comanda comuna. Ma bantuie si pe mine produsul acesta de ceva vreme..

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