Remington Keratin Protect Straight Brush Review

Hair gadgets are some of my favorite gadgets. I am always with my eyes peeled to see what comes next, what’s new on the market and what special effects I can obtain for my hair. Back in December, at the Beauty Blogger Secret Santa event, I was lucky enough to receive the new Remington Keratin Protect Straight Brush, as Remington was the main partner of the event. I think Remington has some of the best products for hair styling, a affordable prices and very good quality. I have had a straightener, curler and hair dryer from them and they did not dissapoint.

So, speaking of the new Remington Keratin Protect Straight Brush, I was intrigued, as at first I thought it’s a blow drier. Actually, it’s a styling brush, which does 2 jobs: straightens and styles your hair simultaneously, avoiding frizzy hair, due to the improved anti-static ionic technology.

What else does Remington say about the Remington Keratin Protect Straight Brush? 

  • Advanced ceramic bristles infused with Keratin and Almond oil
  • Ion generator for frizz-free smooth styles
  • Large ceramic brush head allows you style larger sections of hair for quicker styling
  • Specifically designed by our in-house experts to get closer to the roots for added volume
  • 3 Optimum temperature settings: Low (150°C), Medium (190°C) & High (230°C)
  • Fast 30 second heat up time
  • Swivel cord
  • On/Off switch
  • Temperature setting switch
  • 3m salon length cord
  • Worldwide voltage

My opinion about it? 

  • First of all, it’s light and super easy to hold. It feels like an usual brush, but only after you notice the large ceramic underneath the bristles.
  • I LOVE the fact that it is designed to maintain volume on the roots, it’s something I usually struggle with and the reason for which I don’t use usual straighteners anymore. I like the sleek look, but I’m not a fan of no volume in my hair.
  • My hair is fine and thin, even though I no longer color it, it sticks to my head and . Now that I’m wearing it a bit shorter, it seems to maintain some sort of volume.
  • It’s super quick and easy to use. Again, I’m not a fan of super sleek hair, but if I need to tame my hair a bit, it works great. It manages to settle it in place in a nice natural look, without too much hassle. Of course, if you prefer that “perfect” look, you can work with it a bit more and go for this result.
  • Minimum risk to burn your hands – another thing I appreciate about this one; while with usual straighteners you have to watch out for how you use them, this brush with actual bristles protects your hands when using it. The risk to burn yourself is limited.
  • Heats quickly, has a long cord. Always something  you want to look after when choosing a new hair styling gadget and the Remington Keratin Protect Straight Brush nailed it!

Finally, I don’t think there’s anything bad I could say about this brush. For my styling preferences, it does the perfect job!

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