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Skin heroes: Cleansers

by Who’s with me for a nice smooth skin? I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of us out there. I’ve been into skincare for a while now, have tried and tested a lot of stuff and one thing I…


My Carrot Cake recipe – with cream cheese frosting

by I’ve never tried carrot cake until probably 2-3 years ago. It wasn’t something my mother prepared at home and I believe I had my first carrot cake slice at Starbucks. I was under the impression it’s this super…


November 2017 goals

by This year has passed quite fast, probably this is the trend while you are getting older… Well, while we still have 2 months left of it, I thought I’d write down a few objectives I have for this…

Favourites of the month

October 2017 Favourites

by Here we are, almost at the end of 2017, one of the best years for me. I haven’t done a favourites post in a loooong time, and I need to catch up. I discovered a lot of new…


Fashion dilemmas & my new Kipling backpack

by I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if there is indeed a trend with them right now, but I’m in love with backpacks. I love their function, the fact that my hands are free and I can…


5 things I love to do during autumn

by I feel like I need to add a disclaimer right here: I love autumn. I am much of a cold(er) weather person, rather than a summer person. I cannot stand a burning sun (it literally burns my skin)…