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My current AM skincare routine [JAN 2018]

I think 2017 has been the year of great discoveries in terms of skincare for me. I was interested in skincare before, but I feel like in 2017 I’ve invested more time and resources to perfect my knowledge and…


Remington Keratin Protect Straight Brush Review

Hair gadgets are some of my favorite gadgets. I am always with my eyes peeled to see what comes next, what’s new on the market and what special effects I can obtain for my hair. Back in December, at the Beauty…


Skin Heroes: Toners

I started a series of Skin heroes and the first post was about Cleansers; you can (re)read it here. Now it’s time we go to the next level – toners. I’ve been using toners on and off until 2017, but last…


New products in my skincare routine

In 2017 I started to read, learn and understand more about skincare and my skin’s needs. I’ve purchased quite a few stuff, but I’m mostly happy with my choices. I realized I haven’t put the new stuff in a…


Skin heroes: Cleansers

Who’s with me for a nice smooth skin? I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of us out there. I’ve been into skincare for a while now, have tried and tested a lot of stuff and one thing I learnt…

Favourites of the month

October 2017 Favourites

Here we are, almost at the end of 2017, one of the best years for me. I haven’t done a favourites post in a loooong time, and I need to catch up. I discovered a lot of new stuff…