Fashion dilemmas & my new Kipling backpack

I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if there is indeed a trend with them right now, but I’m in love with backpacks. I love their function, the fact that my hands are free and I can use them however I need without being afraid my bag will drop. They are my number one accessory when it comes to travelling, going to the gym or on a day trip. It’s probably because I’m not the lightest packer (although I wish I were!), and whenever I carry a smaller bag, I always think I could use some space for extra stuff: a bottle of water, sunglasses, camera, etc.

Of course, this leads to me being unable to resist in front of a nice new backpack. Maybe I should make a post with what I currently own, if there is interest! I switch them quite often with my mother, who also has an acquired passion for them now. Not sure who was the first one who brought it to the family :)…

I was in Karstadt recently and I saw some sales on the Kipling backpacks. I was eyeing them for a while now, but I wasn’t sold on a specific one. I saw this new pattern, very autumn-y, with a mustard yellow and dark blue. Quite unusual and quirky. I checked out the price, reduced to half. I was quite on a hurry, so I did what I usually do, in order to avoid an impulse purchase: I took a picture of it and left. It’s the Kipling Women’s Experience S Backpack.

Usually this can go 2 ways: I either forget about it and life goes on without it, or I keep checking the photo and thinking how beautiful/pretty/useful/ amazing the thing is and how much I need it in my life. With this backpack it was the second one… So the next day, I went back to buy it… and it wasn’t there anymore! Imagine the horror! I started to search for it online and thankfully found it on Amazon. Ordered it and it took 4 (long) days – incl. weekend to have it delivered to my door. It’s not just pretty, it’s also a nice size, it’s light, it fits my Macbook Air, has several compartments and very sturdy push buckles. Of course, it’s available in several other patterns, in case you fancy one. Now that mine’s here, I love it and life is great.

Hope I’m not the only one with such dilemmas, right? Right?! I can’t be.


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