6 savvy ways to survive Black Friday 2017 (without going broke)

Black Friday is around the corner and I’ve been quite keen to see what will be on sale this time around. I must confess, I take Black Friday with a pinch of salt, as not everything is as cheap as it seems, but I do get excited and anxious when I see 70% off or so… So I’ve put together a few key tips to keep in mind during this Black Friday for online shopping. It’s a post which I hope will help you, but it also works as a reminder for me too 🙂

  1. Do your homework. Make a list of what you really need and a few nice to have items. If the list is too big, narrow it down based on priorities. Search for these items online already, save the current prices and compare them on Black Friday. Be prepared to search on different sites for the best offer.
  2. Sign up for newsletters. This way you are notified once the site goes into full Black Friday mode. You are able to access it quicker and have a better chance to buy your desired items.
  3. Download the mobile apps. Most of the online shops also have now mobile apps; these are optimized for quick navigation and easy finding your items. You may also receive notifications once the site starts adding Black Friday offers.
  4. Make sure to check the return and payment policies prior to buying. As a matter of caution, make sure to check the shop policies prior to going BF crazy. You won’t end up with bad surprises afterwards.
  5. Check social media. Follow the shops you’re interested in and you’ll see the offers at a scroll. Also, if you have other friends interested in the same topic, create a group/common chat and share your findings. You can thank each other later.
  6. Stick to your budget. Probably one of the harder things to do, especially if you get over excited about deals, but try to stick to your budget. Or, at least try to spend on stuff you might actually use, rather than focus on “it was a great deal”. Before hitting the Confirm Order button, think if you would buy that thing on an ordinary Sunday, while scrolling around. If the answer is no, maybe it’s a sign you shouldn’t confirm.

These being said, may the Black Friday Gods and good offers be with you!

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